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Whether you’re looking for adorable boxes to hold candy and other goodies or would prefer bridal shower favors that are a gift in themselves, you can be sure to find exactly what you are looking for at Our bridal shower favors range from inexpensive boxes for huge parties to more elegant gifts for the major players in your bridal party.

Many of our more elegant bridal shower favors are also perfect for presenting to those who put your shower together. These friends and sisters do a lot of work to ensure your bridal shower turns out exactly to your liking, and they should be recognized in some way at your bridal shower.  

Make your bridal shower favors both fabulous and functional by incorporating them into your party décor. Several of our bridal shower favors make great place card holders for a formal bridal shower. And, our candle holder bridal shower favors can add a glowing touch to your party tables.  

If your quiet little bridal shower somehow ballooned into an extravaganza requiring full banquet hall, we have just the thing for you! Many of our less expensive, practical bridal shower favors are great for huge parties where you would like to provide a bridal shower favor for everyone in attendance. 
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