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At, we have shoes in a variety of colors and styles.  If you are looking for wedding shoes or prom shoes in a specific color, you are in the right place!  We have all of our fabulous footwear categorized by color to make it as easy as possible for you to find the exact pair to match your formal dress.

Our dyeable white wedding shoes and prom shoes are the best choice when you are looking for an exact color match to your bridesmaid or prom dresses.  All dyeable wedding shoes and prom shoes are shipped white and may be dyed to match any color of gown. A swatch of fabric is included with each pair of white dyeable wedding shoes in order to aid the shoe-dyeing professional of your choice with the dyeing process.  For excellent results with added convenience, trust your shoe dyeing to the professionals at™.

If classic black is your thing, then check out our full line of designer wedding shoes and prom shoes in black.  Black prom shoes are perhaps the most practical, as they can be worn with a variety of colors.  If you are creating a look of classic elegance, then our black proms shoes and wedding shoes are the way to go!

Satin formal gowns look fabulous with a variety of metallic colored prom shoes including silver, gold and bronze.  Be sure to carry a handbag or wear accessories that match the specific metallic wedding shoe of your choice.  For instance, do not choose silver shoes if you plan to wear gold bridal jewelry.

Silver shoes look amazing under a blue gown, offering a glimmer of moonlight under a dark sky or sunshine on a clear, blue sky day.  Silver prom shoes are also fabulous with a gray dress, turning your look from frump to fashion in the seconds it takes to slip into them.
Gold shoes look spectacular with many colors. Emulate Lady Luck with a pair of gold wedding shoes or prom shoes worn with Kelly green.  Wear a pair of our gold prom shoes with a black evening gown to add a bit of glam to your dark dress. Gold looks stunning with red, as do a variety of other colors.  Our gold wedding shoes and prom shoes will look fabulous with almost anything!

As with all of our shoes, our bronze wedding shoes are available in a variety of styles and heel heights.  Bronze prom shoes go well with a variety of colors and can add a unique touch to your look.  Bronze is often considered a summer color, as it calls to mind a picture of sun bronzed skin on a warm summer day.  These wedding shoes are perfect for a summer wedding or a beach themed wedding, especially if worn in a strappy sandal style.

You will want to wear a plain colored gown with most of our multi-color wedding shoes and prom shoes.  You do not want to attempt to wear something that will match every color on the shoe, or you will end up with a very busy look. Choose one color that matches well, and let the shoes show off the other colors. Our colorful wedding shoes and prom shoes are usually limited to those colors that are very trendy for the current season, so you may be sure that whichever pair you choose, you will be at the height of fashion.

If you are not yet sure of the specific color of wedding shoes or prom shoes you need but see a brand that catches your eye, check out our Shop by Brand section. You may also view all of our shoes sorted by style and heel height.  Whatever your individual needs, you may be sure that at, we will go out of our way to provide the ultimate in convenience for all of your wedding shoe and prom shoe needs.
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