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Look and feel like royalty on your wedding day with a Mega Full bridal slip that will add the ultimate amount of fullness to your wedding gown.  Each petticoat slip is made with yards and layers of crinoline netting which purposefully commands attention for bridal ball gowns that flare immediately at the waist.  Maneuverability and ease of seating are two of the full slip’s greatest assets, which may be achieved all while still displaying the intricacies of the wedding gown.  These bridal slips are recommended for wedding dresses with a circumference range of 191” inches to 220” inches.

You might wonder why you would need a bridal slip when so many wedding dresses already come with a slip built in.  The fact is, most bridal gowns are designed with the intent of them being worn with an additional slip.  In most cases, if you want to achieve the full look displayed in the bridal magazines, you must have an additional bridal slip.  Additionally, the fuller the skirt of your wedding gown, the more important the full slip becomes.  

Our Mega Full Slips are constructed to support even the heaviest of wedding dresses.  The patented extra stiff netting contained in many of our bridal slips will provide the fullest look possible.  Several of our slips are finished with a scratchless cover on the outside to protect the delicate fabric of your wedding gown.

It is important to have your bridal slip on hand for all wedding dress alterations, as the fullness of your slip can affect the length of your gown.  This is especially important with a Mega Full Slip, which may require several extra inches of fabric at the hem of your gown. Additionally, a hem that seems far too long without a slip may end up being just the right length once the slip has been added. This can save you up to $200 on hem alterations depending on the style of gown.

If you are looking for the fullest bridal slip available on the market, go straight for our Quinceanera Bridal Slip.  This is the bridal undergarment with the fullest and biggest of the petticoats that we offer!  With the incredible fullness of this bridal petticoat, the Quinceanera Crinoline Slip will be a beautiful enhancement to your wedding dress or bridal gown. It is available in white or black.

At, we have a wide selection of bridal slips with a variety of closures including the popular one-size-fits-most drawstring waist which greatly simplifies sizing.  Most of our bridal slips come in either white or ivory, with some items also available in black.

Picking just the right bridal slip to go with your particular gown is also very important.  Choose a slip that is too full, and your wedding gown will appear overstuffed.  On the other hand, if your bridal slip isn’t full enough, your gown will hang in limp, unflattering folds.  To find the crinoline slip or bridal petticoat that is right for your wedding dress or special occasion gown, check out our Crinoline Slip Style Guide. Information on sizing, measurement taking, waist closures and crinoline slip fullness will help you make an informed and educated decision.
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