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A Hoop Skirt is a type of bridal crinoline that has a belled-out shape formed by circular wire supports.  Traditionally, these hoops supports were often made of bone, but currently most are constructed of metal. This is the ultimate for fullness under a bridal gown.  A hoop underskirt has the additional comfort benefit of holding the fabric of the gown away from the legs of the bride.  This feature is ideal for those hot, sultry, summer weddings where the layers and layers of a hoopless bridal crinoline petticoat would cause major discomfort for the bride.

At KnotTheGroom.com, we have hoop underskirts that are perfect for wear under a wedding dress or under a variety of other full skirted garments.  For example, the Zoe Taffeta Hoop Skirt with Drawstring is the ideal slip to create fullness under bridal gowns, renaissance outfits, or costumes.  We also have hoop slips for a wide range of hem circumferences.

For ultimate simplicity in a hoop skirt, the Victoria 3-Bone Hoop Skirt Slip with Drawstring gives great shape with the use of a simple sheath of nylon taffeta and three hoop bones.  Several of our other hoop underskirts also have ruffles on top of the skirt piece for even greater fullness under your bridal gown.

It is important to have your hoop underskirt on hand for all wedding gown alterations, as the added fullness may have a great affect on the length of your hem.  A bridal skirt that first appears to have too much length may end up being just right once the hoop slip has been added to the ensemble.  Having your hoop underskirt or bridal crinoline petticoat on hand for each and every fitting and alteration can potentially save you hundreds of dollars in wedding gown alterations.

In addition to wear under a bridal gown, our hoop underskirts are also useful for plays, show choirs, Renaissance Faires and Civil War reenactments. While most of our hoop slips are made with the traditional drawstring waist closure, you may also choose from either a gripper waist or adjustable waist band.  All of our hoop underskirts are constructed with removable hoops for easy customization under your bridal gown.  The removable hoops also make washing a cinch, which is particularly useful for a hoop underskirt that has been dragged through the mud at a reenactment. Most hoop slips are available in white and ivory, while some are also available in black.

It is extremely important to find just the right fullness in a hoop underskirt when building your bridal ensemble. At KnotTheGroom.com, we have hoop slips in a variety of sizes and styles to meet the needs of every bride.  Be sure to properly measure the circumference of the hem of your gown and follow the recommended measurements listed for each of our bridal dress slips to achieve the perfect fit under your wedding gown.

For hoop underskirts, measurements are listed on individual products.  You may find the hoop underskirt, crinoline slip or bridal petticoat that is right for your wedding dress or special occasion gown by viewing our Crinoline Slip Style Guide. Information on sizing, measurement taking, waist closures and crinoline slip fullness will help you make an informed and educated decision.
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