Shoulder Length Veils

Also sometimes referred to as a flyaway, the shoulder length bridal veil is a comfortable, lightweight option that is perfect for the casual or modern wedding.   Usually multi-layered and barely brushing the shoulder, this veil is appropriate for a more casual look.   It is also an excellent choice for wear with an embellished wedding gown which you would not want to hide under a bridal veil.  Whether you are wearing a tea-length style bridal gown or a longer sheath dress, you can be sure to find just the right shoulder length bridal veil to complement your look at

When choosing your bridal veil, you first must consider how you would like to wear your hair during your wedding ceremony.  Will you be wearing your bridal veil at the crown of your head toward your face or on the back of your head over a bun or up do?  How you wear your bridal veil will make a huge difference in where the end of the veil will fall.

Bridal veils come in a variety of shapes.  Typically, short bridal veils are worn for less formal weddings.  However, a shoulder length veil may be the right choice for your formal wedding as well.  Depending on the style of your individual bridal gown, a shoulder length bridal veil may be just what you are looking for.

If you have already decided on a shoulder length bridal veil, your next decision might be what type of edging or trim would look best with your wedding gown.  A plain, cut edge or simple hemmed pencil edging will work best for a contemporary look.  To add a bit of romance to your wedding attire, you might choose a bridal veil with a ribbon or beaded edge.  You will also want to choose a multi-tiered bridal veil if you wish to have a ‘blusher’ veil over your face during the first part of the wedding.

Another choice to make when purchasing your bridal veil is whether or not you want embellishments.  Accents can be easily added to any of our wedding veils.  You may choose from Pearls, Triple Pearl Clusters, Mini Rhinestones, Rhinestones or Swarovski Crystals. Accents, which are scattered on the veil for an elegant touch and added detail, can be mixed and matched as well.

Each of our fabulous bridal veils is fastened with a tulle-wrapped metal comb that makes it easy to secure to any hairstyle.  Select your precise wedding veil in either white, diamond white or ivory to add a touch of tradition and grace to your wedding ensemble.  Our bridal veils also include a convenient plastic clip hook for properly hanging your veil.

You bridal veil will be packaged in a clear plastic bag for easy shipping and delivery, and will have wrinkles upon arrival.  Gently remove the veil from the plastic bag.  The wrinkles and folds of the bridal veil should disappear over the next couple of days.  If wrinkles still persist after a week, steam from a hot shower should do the trick.  We recommend that you do not iron your veil as it is very delicate and may melt or burn. Be sure to check out our veil style guide to make an educated decision when choosing the best veil for your wedding day.
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