Fingertip Length Veil

The fingertip length bride veil extends to the fingertips to create a glamorous, elongated silhouette.  A bride veil of this length will coordinate easily with most bridal gowns and wedding venues, from the simplest to the most elegant.  The fingertip bride veil is slightly longer than a wrist veil, usually ending somewhere between the middle knuckle and end of finger when the bride’s arms are hanging naturally at her sides.  This popular bride veil length completes the look of most wedding dresses – from simple, contemporary sheaths to elegant, traditional gowns.

The shape of your bride veil should complement both your bridal gown and your particular facial shape.  Fingertip wedding veils are often shaped like a teardrop or cape.  In addition to these factors, you should also consider your desired wedding hairstyle when choosing a veil in order to choose one that will best complement your individual look.  When measuring for your bride veil length, it is particularly important to know exactly how you will be wearing your hair for your wedding, as well as where you will place your bride veil on your head, as this can have a huge impact on the length of your veil.

Once you have chosen your preferred bride veil length, it is time to decide on your accents.  Our fingertip length veils come with a variety of edgings and can be customized with accents ranging from pearls and triple pearl clusters to rhinestones, mini rhinestones, and even Swarovski crystals.  You may also mix and match the accents on your bride veil for a unique look that is all your own.  

When choosing the appropriate trim and accents for your bride veil, don’t forget to consider the details on your bridal gown as well, in order to ensure that your veil will not compete with your dress.  For instance, if your wedding gown has a great deal of embellishments on its back, you will want to choose a simple bride veil with a sheer design which will not hide the back of your bridal gown.  On the other hand, a simpler gown might call for a bride veil with more elaborate embellishments and a pearly trim.

Once you receive your bride veil, it will likely have a small amount of wrinkles from shipping.  We recommend that you do not iron your veil as it is very delicate and may melt or burn.  Instead, simply hang the veil on a plastic hook, and these wrinkles should fall right out of your bride veil within a few short days.  If wrinkles should happen to persist, either apply steam from a hot shower, or consult with the company that will be steaming your bridal gown to find out if they will also steam your veil at no additional cost.

The tulle-wrapped metal comb to which your bride veil is attached ensures that you will be able to secure your veil to any hairstyle.  Select your precise wedding veil in either white, diamond white or ivory to add a touch of tradition and grace to your wedding ensemble.  Check out our veil style guide to make an educated decision when choosing the best veil for your wedding day.
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