Cathedral Length Veil

Perhaps the most dramatic and popular of all veils, the cathedral length veil flows to the floor in true fairytale fashion. The most formal of all veils, the cathedral veil extends several yards from the headpiece and is typically worn with a wedding dress that has a cathedral-length train.  You will feel like royalty in a fabulous veil from

Cathedral veils are very long and usually narrow, creating an elongated silhouette for the bride.  Typically, longer veils are worn for more formal weddings.  A cathedral veil may not be as practical an option for a less formal ceremony located in an informal outdoor setting such as a woodsy or beachside venue.  

Another aspect to consider when choosing your veil length is how long you intend to wear the veil.  When choosing your veil, remember that a cathedral veil will drag on the floor behind you as you walk.  While a cathedral length veil may be beautiful and elegant during the wedding ceremony, it may cramp your style at the wedding reception.  

Unless you plan to wear your cathedral veil only for the wedding ceremony, you may want to consider purchasing another, shorter veil for wear after the ceremony.  Otherwise, you might also want to consider waiting until after the first dance to remove your cathedral veil to ensure it appears in your most important photos.

Once you have decided on a cathedral veil, it’s time to choose the perfect edging or trim that will create the right look for your bridal gown.  A ribbon or corded trim will provide a very finished look for your formal wedding dress.  However, if you are looking for a unique contemporary style, you might try a cathedral veil with a plain cut edge.  While the cathedral veil is usually best for a formal wedding, don’t be afraid to pair it with a simpler gown for a playful look.  

For that simple gown with few embellishments, adding accents to your cathedral veil can really glam up your look.  Accents can be easily added to any veil for that extra touch of glamour.   Choose from Pearls, Triple Pearl Clusters, Mini Rhinestones, Rhinestones or Swarovski Crystals, or mix and match for a more personalized look.  A multi-tiered cathedral veil is a must if you plan to wear a veil over your face during any part of the wedding ceremony.  For two tier veils, accents are scattered all over the top tier and the bottom half of the second tier.

Each of our fabulous cathedral veils is fastened with a tulle-wrapped metal comb that makes it easy to secure to any hairstyle.  Choose a cathedral veil in white, diamond white or ivory to add a touch of tradition and grace to your wedding ensemble.  Be sure to check out our complete veil style guide for more information on choosing the proper veil length for your particular style wedding gown.  Once you have your cathedral veil in place, don’t forget to browse our full line of wedding accessories, bridal undergarments, and more.
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