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Styles may come and go, but our favorites always seem to return. Birdcage veils are the latest wedding fashion trend to make a comeback, and for good reason! These fabulous wedding hair accessories originated in the 1930s and 1940s and are now one of the hottest trends for 2010. Birdcage veils are very versatile and can range from trendy and chic to classically romantic. So, whether you are creating an haute couture look or something with more of a retro feel, you can be sure to craft just the right facade with these fabulous wedding hair accessories.

Sometimes also referred to as a blusher veil or Russian veil, the birdcage veil is simply a small piece of netting worn by the bride in place of the traditional full length bridal veil. Originally worn with a hat and used to cover the face of a lady in mourning, this couture style was eventually brightened and glamorized to provide an air of mystery to the bride on her wedding day without layer upon layer of long veils that cover the wedding gown.

Birdcage veils are generally constructed of fine French, Russian or English-styled netting. The size of the squares in the netting is what differentiates the three types, with French being the tightest weave while English is the largest. Choose the larger gauge netting for a birdcage veil with a retro 1930’s or 40’s look. Or, you might choose a finer gauge accented with rhinestones, Swarovski crystals, floral details, feathers and a variety of other options.

There are several ways to wear your birdcage veil. These fabulous wedding hair accessories can be worn to cover the bride’s entire head, or only the face. Our glamorous birdcage veils generally range from 8” inches to 12” inches in length. You may choose one to cover the entire face or just the top portion of the face depending on the desired look. One of the more popular contemporary fashions is to wear the netting of the birdcage veil cropped to just under the eyes or to sweep it asymmetrically across the face.

These wedding hair accessories can be attached to a small hat or to a large hair ornament or fascinator. Many of our birdcage veils come with an ornamental hair comb to secure the piece to your hair. In most cases, it is best to work with your hair dresser to incorporate these wedding hair accessories into your particular hairstyle, allowing the stylist to help you achieve the best results.

The birdcage veil can be worn at the top, back or side of the hair with the netting swept dramatically over all or part of the face. Attach with a flower or feather comb or clip to add a more personalized look. You may also wear these wedding hair accessories as part of a headpiece, creating a flirty pouf of netting or wear with a small 1930s style pill box hat with veil draped elegantly across the face.

Go for the Reese Witherspoon look from the movie, Sweet Home Alabama with a large gauge netting attached by a gold fascinator at the back of the head. The netting sweeps from the back and up over the top of the head, falling gracefully over the entire face. In the movie, Fantastic Four, Jessica Alba wore a birdcage veil that fell level with the bottom line of her eyes. And in real life, Katherine Heigl walked down the aisle to husband Josh Kelley wearing a birdcage veil which draped elegantly across her forehead.

A wedge style birdcage veil is cut to fall asymmetrically across the face, covering just one eye. It is normally placed at the side of the head for a sophisticated look. The badeau style birdcage veil is a great choice for a bride with short hair. No matter how you choose to wear your veil, it should complement your dress, as well as your individual appearance and facial features. You should never attempt to force a look that just isn’t you, all in the name of keeping up with the latest trends. Always choose wedding hair accessories that you will have fun wearing. Remember, no matter what look you are attempting to create, your efforts will be wasted if you are obviously uncomfortable.

And, while you may choose to add a touch of glamour to your very special wedding day with these chic couture birdcage veils, they are also a unique choice for a variety of other occasions. It’s not just famous brides who are sporting these trendy wedding hair accessories. Heads will turn, and eyes will pop as you step onto the prom dance floor wearing a Lady Gaga inspired birdcage veil. Or, glam up a dark dress suit with a birdcage veil to transform it from ordinary office wear to extraordinary evening wear.

Wearing a birdcage veil is one of the hottest trends for 2010. Whether you’re the bride, bridesmaid, mother-of-the-bride or even just an elegant guest, you can adapt this look with a variety of accessories and accoutrements to make it your own. And, if you’re not sure if the birdcage veil is the appropriate choice for you, be sure to check out our Veil Style Guide for more information on choosing the correct veil to complement your individual look.
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