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Are you looking for the perfect pair of bridal shoes for your wedding?  For the perfect combination of height and comfort, try a pair of our fabulous medium heel wedding shoes or pumps.  Pumps are closed back, low-cut shoes without ties or straps, and can come in a variety of heel heights.  However, pumps and medium heel wedding shoes are usually available with a heel that is 2” inches to 3” inches in height.

For a sexy and sophisticated look without the pain of stilettos, you might want to choose a pair of medium heel wedding shoes.  However, there are certain factors to consider during your search for the ideal pair of bridal shoes.  Comfort, the height of the bride and groom, and the length of your wedding dress are all very important items to consider.  

One of the first steps you should take when determining the right bridal shoe height for you is how comfortable you are in different heights of heels.  Of course, you want to create the ultimate look for your wedding day, but you do not want to sacrifice your comfort.  Remember, you will be on your feet for most of the day.  If you are not used to wearing heels, it will probably be best to choose a pair of low or medium heel wedding shoes.  

For a snug fit, try wearing a pair of pumps or strappy heels around two inches.  If you are not used to high heels but insist on the added height, consider a pair of medium heel wedding shoes with a platform base.  Platform heels can provide the same height as high heel bridal shoes, but offer more cushion and balance.

Some brides will only wear flat heels so they don’t tower over their groom, while others want the highest heels they can find.  The fact is, you need to actually stand next to your groom and decide together how best you want to measure up for your wedding photos.  If you are petite and want to stand taller on your wedding day, you may need a higher heel.  However, if your groom is on the short side, flat or medium heel wedding shoes might be the right choice.  Either way, keep in mind the desired effect you would like to achieve in all of your bridal photos when choosing the appropriate size heel for your wedding day. For help with choosing your individual size, please check out our Shoes Comfort and Style Guide.

The length of your bridal gown is another major consideration when choosing your bridal shoes.  For a princess style ball gown or a long, empire waist dress, you may want to consider a higher heel.  Medium heel wedding shoes will create a more dramatic impact on your bridal gown than a lower heel.  You might also need to try on your wedding dress with bridal shoes of varying heights to determine the best look.

It’s best to choose your medium heel wedding shoes early on in the bridal planning process and have them on hand for all of your gown fittings and alterations.  The length of your hem will be determined by the height of your heels, so choose a heel height early and stick to it.  Once you have the hem of your bridal gown cut to go with a pair of low or medium heel wedding shoes, there is no switching to stilettos!  

Once you have chosen the perfect pair of medium heel wedding shoes for your bridal gown, don’t forget to browse our full line of veils, handbags, and other bridal accessories to complete your look.  At KnotTheGroom.com, you can be sure to find everything you need to create the perfect look for your big day!
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