Liz René Couture™ Shoes

When you’re looking for classic elegance to match every dreamy detail, the only choice is our dyeable silk shoes from Liz René Couture™.  Benjamin Walk Corporation introduced the Liz René Couture™ Collection of elegant bridal shoes crafted with fine dyeable Italian silk in 2003.  Liz René Couture™ shoes may be dyed to match any detail of your wedding or other formal occasion.

Liz René Couture™ shoes is an elegant, fashion forward line of bridal footwear which may be dyed to match everything from bridesmaid, prom and evening gowns to bridal flowers and boutonnières. Liz René Couture™ shoes are constructed of only the finest components including genuine leather soles, Swarovski crystal, and soft, supple, dyeable silk.

Add a splash of color under your bridal gown or match your Liz René Couture™ shoes to your wedding colors.  Bridesmaid dresses in very unique shades of mocha, red or blue can be difficult to match to shoes at your local department store.  By purchasing a pair of our dyeable Liz René Couture™ shoes, you ensure that you will achieve the exact shade you are looking for.

Silk shoes dyed in a light color may later be re-dyed to a darker color such as black, making it much easier to take a uniquely colored pair of bridesmaid shoes that match nothing except the bridesmaid dresses and turning it into a beautiful pair of classic black dress shoes that will wear well with almost anything.  All dyeable silk shoes are shipped white. A swatch of fabric is included with each pair of bridal shoes to aid the shoe-dyeing professional in your area with the dyeing process.

Whatever style you choose, be sure to purchase your Liz René Couture™ shoes in plenty of time prior to the wedding to ‘break them in.”  Try wearing your new silk shoes with a light-weight pair of socks for fifteen minutes a day a few days a week leading up to your wedding day.  It is also a good idea to scuff up the soles of your Liz René Couture™ shoes a bit for a better grip on that slippery dance floor.  

Check out our Shoe Style Guide for more detailed and helpful information in the selection of the exact pair of Liz René Couture™ shoes to perfectly match your wedding attire.  Once you have chosen the perfect silk shoes for your big day, don’t forget to check out all of our other fabulous wedding accessories to find that perfect finishing touch for your wedding ensemble.

When you purchase any four pairs of Liz René Couture™ shoes of the same style, you will receive a 15% discount!  What a great way to save on matching shoes for the entire wedding party!  And, don’t forget your dyeable handbags which also may be matched to the exact same color as your perfect pair of Liz René Couture™ shoes.
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