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Are you looking for the perfect pair of high heel shoes to complete your prom or other formal ensemble?  At KnotTheGroom.com, we have a full line of fabulous high heel shoes and formal designer shoes.  High heel shoes will change the angle of your foot, emphasizing your calves and lengthening your legs.  They enable a more upright carriage and provide a more graceful stride.  High heel designer shoes will also create the appearance of added height and are a great choice for the petite woman.  

There are many factors to consider when choosing the proper heel height to go with your formal gown or prom dress. Comfort, yours and your date’s height, and the length of your prom dress should all be considered when choosing the right pair of designer shoes. Generally constructed with a heel of 3” inches or more, high heel shoes come in a variety of styles, from wide block heels to thin stilettos.  The heel height measurements provided in each of our shoe descriptions are measurements taken from the inside of the heel to the floor.  

When choosing the proper heel height, keep in mind that you may be spending a lot of time on your feet throughout the event.  Comfort is key; especially if there will be a great deal of dancing involved.  If you are not used to wearing high heel shoes, but absolutely must have them, be sure to practice walking in your designer shoes for several weeks before the big day.  Remember, you want to glide gracefully across the dance floor rather than teetering dangerously atop of pair of too-high heels.

You also want to choose the appropriate heel for your venue.  If the formal event will take place near a beach, or in a woodsy area, high heel shoes may not be the proper choice for you.  If you must, choose a pair of designer shoes with a wider heel which will provide greater stability and will be least likely to sink into the sand or the grass.

If your escort is particularly tall, you may want to choose a pair of high heel shoes to even out your heights for any photos that may be taken.  Stand next to your date in several different pairs of shoes with varying heights to determine the exact heel that works best for you.  If all else fails, choose a pair of favored comfy dress shoes from your closet and purchase a pair of designer shoes with that same heel height.

High heel shoes look great with a variety of dress hems.  With a contemporary, ulta-short formal gown, the emphasis will be on your leg and foot.  Choose a pair of designer shoes that will best complement your feet and legs.  For a formal ball gown with a long, elegant train, the addition of a pair of high heel shoes will have the most dramatic effect on your ensemble.

The additional height from your designer shoes will also have a great impact on the length of your hem.  Be sure to choose your high heel shoes early on, and have them on hand for all gown fittings and alterations.  Look tall and sexy in your sleek contemporary prom dress or add height to a full length fairy tale ball gown with the perfect pair of high heel shoes to match your formal gown.  Also, open toe high heel shoes look fabulous, but make sure you don’t forget to get your pedicure before the prom!

Once you have chosen that fabulous pair of designer shoes for your prom or other formal event don’t forget to check out our undergarments and other accessories to add that perfect finishing touch to your formal ensemble.

For answers to all of your sizing questions, check out our Shoes Comfort and Size Guide.
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