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Looking for that perfect pair of wedding shoes to match the style and elegance of your bridal gown? Dyeable wedding shoes may be the answer! White dyeable wedding shoes are the perfect way to match your shoes to your bridal dress as the shades of white to ivory colors can be hard to match with off the shelf shoe purchases. KnotTheGroom.com offers a great selection of designer bridal shoes, wedding shoes, and dyeable bridesmaid shoes in a variety of styles. Simply choose the style of your choice, and have it dyed the exact color of your choice!

Our dyeable wedding shoes are shipped in white so they match any white wedding gown.  For that off-white or ivory gown, you may have your bridal shoes dyed to match exactly to your wedding dress.  Or, to add a splash of color under your bridal gown, match your shoes to your wedding colors.  Bridesmaid dresses in very unique shades of mocha, red or blue can be difficult to match to shoes at your local department store.  By purchasing a pair of our dyeable bridesmaid shoes, you ensure the exact shade you are looking for.

If the bride would like these shoes for future use after the wedding, she may then have them dyed to any color she chooses.  And when you purchase any four pairs of shoes of the same style, you will receive a 15% discount! What a great way to save on matching shoes for the entire wedding party! You may purchase your white wedding shoes for the bride, and dye the bridesmaids’ shoes to match the theme of your wedding.

Our designer wedding shoes from Touch Ups™ are offered in a vast range of styles, with options for both bridesmaids and flower girls, so every member of your bridal party can be perfectly matched. With our bridesmaid shoes, each bridesmaid may choose the style of their choice and still match the rest of the wedding party. This option increases the likelihood that your bridesmaids will be able to wear these shoes again in the future.

Choosing your wedding shoes well before the wedding is a must. It is absolutely essential to wear your bridal shoes for the first and subsequent wedding dress fittings and alterations to be assured of the correct hem length for your wedding dress.  As long as you have your dyeable wedding shoes and bridesmaid shoes, as well as your wedding crinolines on hand for all of your alterations, you can be sure that your dresses will fall perfectly over your bridal footwear.

All dyeable wedding shoes and bridesmaid shoes are shipped white and may be dyed to match any color of evening or bridesmaid dress. A swatch of fabric is included with each pair of bridal shoes to aid the shoe-dyeing professional in your area with the dyeing process. The great thing about these bridesmaid shoes is that a light colored shoe may later be re-dyed to black, which also increases the chances your bridesmaids will be able to wear them again later.

Your dyeable wedding shoes and bridesmaid shoes will be shipped to you in white in order to ensure the perfect fit before the shoes are dyed. It is also impossible for us to ensure a perfect color match for your shoes without a color swatch. The best way to ensure that you receive the exact color you want for all of your bridal shoes is to entrust the dying process to a shoe dying professional in your area.

When choosing your wedding shoes or dyeable bridesmaid shoes, your personal comfort is of utmost concern.  For your convenience, KnotTheGroom.com has created a Bridal Shoe Comfort Guide which includes information on how to measure, prepare and wear these formal shoes for your up-coming wedding. With so many options to choose from, coordinating your dyeable wedding shoes and bridesmaid shoes to your wedding colors makes it easy for everyone in your wedding party to put their best foot forward on your wedding day.

Learn more about dyeing your wedding shoes in our Shoes Dyeing FAQs.
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