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Heel height is an important factor to consider when choosing the perfect pair of bridal shoes for your wedding day.  Factors such as the height of the bride and groom, comfort, dress length, and wedding venue are all important things to consider.  For the ultimate in comfort, consider flat wedding shoes or ballet slippers for a stylish accompaniment to your mid-length bridal skirts.

For a sweet, innocent look, flat wedding shoes might be the right choice for you.  Remember, the main function of a dress shoe is to create a sophisticated look while maintaining comfort.  Flat wedding shoes can complement a variety of bridal gowns while still creating a graceful look for the bride.  And, even the petite bride can enjoy the comfort of a good pair of flat wedding shoes or ballet slippers when worn with the right bridal gown.  

There is a certain air of formality that comes along with high heel bridal shoes.  If you are planning a very casual beach wedding, or visiting a rustic country venue, a high heel will probably not be appropriate.  A better choice would be a beautiful pair of flat wedding shoes - under about 1 1/2" inches. In a casual setting such as this, you might also consider choosing a wide based heel so you don't sink into the sand or grass.  

A major concern for some brides is the idea of towering over their groom during the wedding ceremony.  In this case, flat wedding shoes or ballet slippers will likely be the best choice for you.  Stand beside your groom and decide how you would like the two of you to measure up on your wedding day.  Have your groom wear a pair of dress shoes, and stand next to him in several different pairs of shoes to compare heights.  Be sure to get input from a trusted friend or family member.  You might even consult with your wedding photographer, who is likely to have an eye for such things and will know best how the two of you should size up for your bridal photos.  This is a great way to decide on the best pair of wedding shoes for your big day.

The length of your bridal gown is another important factor to consider when choosing your bridal shoes.  You might want to try on your wedding dress with a variety of heel heights to determine what will look best for you.  If you are petite and are wearing a long ball gown, you will likely not want to choose a pair of flat wedding shoes.  However, a mid-length gown might look great with this style of shoe.

No matter what style heel you choose for your wedding ensemble, always remember that the height of your shoes will help determine the length of your hem.  You will need to decide on a heel height early on and stick with it. If you choose a pair of flat wedding shoes or ballet slippers in the beginning and then change your mind, the hem of your bridal gown might end up being way too short.  

When all else fails, if you have a favorite pair of heels at home, measure the heel and then look for a similar size heel for your wedding day shoe.  Be sure to check out our Bridal Shoe Comfort and Style Guide for sizing instructions.

Once you have chosen the best pair of flat wedding shoes for your big day, be sure to check out our complete selection of bridal undergarments and wedding accessories to complete your ensemble.
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