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Bridal Wedding Shoes for the Bride, Bridesmaids or Flower Girl

Wedding Shoe Style Guide  |  Shoe Comfort & Size Guide  |  Frequently Asked Shoe Questions  |  Bridal Shoe Heel Height Measurement offers over 130+ wedding and children's shoes.  We have an extensive variety of wedding shoes, including silk or satin shoes, pumps and slings, ballet flat shoes, sandals, platforms, evening and prom shoes, kid’s shoes and even vinyl jelly shoes. No matter what your personal preference, you may be sure to find just the right style of wedding shoes to match your wedding attire.

Choosing the right footwear for your wedding day is a big decision.  Style, heel height, heel thickness, shoe fabric and comfort are the main criteria when selecting wedding shoes for your wedding day.  The right wedding shoes will provide support and comfort throughout both the wedding and reception.  And if you simply must have those ultra-high heels for the wedding, you might consider also purchasing a pair of our Ballet Slippers for maximum comfort during the reception.

Ballet Bridal Slipper allows the bride to slip into comfort on her wedding day. Your shoes will be the last thing on your mind as you glide down the aisle in these fabulous wedding shoes. Troubles melt away when you step into this flat, spandex slipper with leather cushion sole. You may have questions on which shoe is the best fit for your wedding dress and can refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

We also offer a complete selection of designer wedding shoes and formal footwear from such well known brand names as Johnathan Kayne™, Touch Ups™, Liz René Couture™ and Dyeables®. With so many styles of shoes to choose from, we are sure you will find wedding shoe to complement your wedding dress.

The success of your upcoming wedding may depend most importantly on your comfort and assurance as you walk down that aisle in your elegant wedding shoes. Foot comfort must be a top priority since bridal shoes are not only an adornment, but must also be serviceable. The smart bride will choose a pair of beautiful designer shoes that will add that perfect finishing touch to her bridal ensemble. Yet, she also knows that she will need to be able to withstand a full day of ceremony, photographs, greeting lines, cake cutting and of course, the wedding dance.

All these wedding activities occur while you are on your feet, so your wedding shoes need to be both stylish and supportive during that glorious but lengthy wedding day. To get the most comfort out of your footwear on your big day, be sure to review our Bridal Shoe Comfort & Size Guide for complete details on the correct fitting of your bridal shoes.

Many of our wedding shoes are easily dyeable to match the color and theme of even the most unique color of evening or bridesmaid dress.  All dyeable wedding shoes are shipped white. It may even be necessary to dye your white wedding shoes to match the exact shade of white or ivory in your wedding gown. Otherwise, you run the risk of having your too-white shoes make your otherwise clean wedding dress appear dingy in contrast.

A swatch of fabric is included with each pair of bridal shoes to aid the shoe-dyeing professional in your area with the dyeing process. You may choose to have your bridal shoes dyed by a local professional in your area, or you could make use of the convenient services of The shoe dyeing professionals at™ have custom dyeing of bridal shoes, prom shoes and pageant shoes since the 1950s and have the expertise to get the job done beautifully.  

A low heel style bridal sandal is a great choice for that outdoor wedding venue where the surface may be uneven or where heels will sink into the ground.  Ballet style wedding shoes are the ultimate in bridal comfort.  Choose a flat, spandex slipper with leather sole for all day comfort.  Or, if you plan to wear heels for the ceremony, you might opt for a comfortable pair of ballet style wedding shoes for the reception.  

Medium height heels provide can add height while still maintaining comfort for the bride who will be on her feet all day. Platform shoes with a medium heel can add the same amount of height to the bride as a high heel without placing the same pressure on the calves as a higher heel.  Whether worn with a medium or a high heel, platform wedding shoes add the greatest amount of height overall.

Our highest heels can add height to the bride, and also add shape to the bride’s legs when worn with a short wedding gown.   If comfort is your top priority, a thicker heel may offer more support, while narrow-heel wedding shoes may create a lighter, more airy look.  Often, brides who choose a high heel for their wedding ceremony will also purchase a separate pair of low heeled wedding shoes for the reception.

Whatever style you choose, be sure to purchase your wedding shoes in plenty of time before the wedding to ‘break them in.”  Try wearing your new shoes with a light-weight pair of socks for fifteen minutes a day a few days a week leading up to your wedding day.  It is also a good idea to scuff up the soles of your wedding shoes a bit for a better grip on that slippery dance floor.  Remember some of your favorite pairs of shoes are ones that are ‘well worn.’  By properly breaking in your wedding shoes, you can be sure they will provide the greatest amount of comfort for a long day on your feet.

Check out our Shoe Style Guide for more detailed and helpful information in the selection of the exact pair of bridal shoes to perfectly match your wedding day attire.  Once you have chosen the perfect wedding shoes for your big day, don’t forget to check out all of our other fabulous wedding accessories to find that perfect finishing touch for your wedding ensemble.
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